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Giant QR Code Cake

This is probably the world’s tastiest QR code ever! To celebrate New Year, Chinese Internet company Tencent commissioned a giant cake shaped like a QR code and served it to 20,000 people: The cake, which takes up a floor area of 36 [...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Station Wagon

For a bulk order of frozen pizza, our heroes headed to a Sam’s Club in Nashville. That’s where redditor kvnmahan spotted their tricked out station wagon. Supposedly the QR code on the window leads to the website of a rapper named Lex Top Dollar, though I can’t get it to scan on my phone. Link -via [...]

The Hidden QR Pint Glass

Guinness created this brilliant QR code pint glass in a cool marketing effort. When you scan it, “it tweets about your pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4 square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guiness content.” Wow, that’s a lot of networking right there. What’s [...]

Virtual Costume

Let’s state upfront that redditor adriannezy is brilliant. She wanted to participate in Halloween at work, but not wear a costume that got in the way. So she generated a QR code that, when scanned, reveals a picture of herself in a classic Star Trek uniform. She writes, “I’ve had groups of guys holding phones [...]

QR Code on a Tombstone

Yoav Medan didn’t know what to say when his mother died — seemed that there just wasn’t enough room on the tombstone to write what the family felt best suited her. So the medical technology executive thought outside of the box (or rectangle, as it were) and after talking it over with relatives, decided to [...]

The Ubiquitous QR Code

QR codes, or “quick response” codes, were invented more than 15 years ago in Japan as a way to track automobile parts in production. But as soon as marketers got wind of the technology and smartphones came on the scene, the codes, which can reveal text messages, videos, Web pages and even dial a phone [...]

First Ever Animated Tattoo

By including a QR Code as part of the design a tattoo artist claims to have created the first ever animated tattoo. See the video at the link of the tattoo being created along with the corresponding animation. What do you think, does this count as an “animated tattoo?” Link

Is This Really the First-Ever Animated Tattoo?

Video link Is this real or just clever advertising? Ballantine’s, a brand of blended scotch whiskies, has a “leave an impression” tagline, which is just what Marco did by getting a QR code tattoo. On the heels of hoax by the woman who claimed she got tattoos of all of her Facebook friends’ profile pics, many [...]

QR Code Tattoo

Jully Nascimento from Brazil got this QR code inked on her arm. When scanned, it reads “hold on”. That’s the name of a song by Good Charlotte that was meaningful to her in her youth. via Geeky Tattoos

NYC QR Code Hunt Winners!

Meet your winners! This _flossy pair did the entire QR code hunt in a staggering 30 minutes! Congrats and enjoy the Ford Fiesta! Special thanks to Jason English, Hannah, Carl Johnson, Tom Toce, Becky Hayes, Team Detroit, AMG, Karen Untereker at Ogilvy, Rebecca Foley at Two Boots, Scott at Ford Motors and all the other mom and [...]