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Man Cuddles With Pythons To Celebrate The New Year

Burmese pythons aren’t generally thought of as cute or cuddly, but maybe the guy in this picture can change our minds. He’s cuddling with a bunch of pythons, some of which are over ten feet in length, as a celebration of the new year.  Ain’t no party like a snake cuddlin’ party, cause a snake cuddlin’ party [...]

My Little Pony Holster

DeviantART member Annadill made this holster for his TM Colt Python. He inscribed it with the three apple cutie mark of Applejack. Unlike standard Pythons, this one doesn’t fire .357 cartridges, but airsoft pellets. Annadill made it for the Equestria Task Force, his My Little Pony-themed airsoft team. Link P.S. A previous MLP post of mine earned [...]

Philippine hunters attacked by giant snakes

The Agta Negritos people have had to combat attacks from huge reticulated pythons for years. The hunter gatherer tribes themselves are criticially end…

A Telephone Explains the Meaning of Life

Reporter Joshua Topolsky at This is My Next decided to ask the new iPhone’s voice assistant some unusual questions. While my favorite is the (creepily helpful) response to Topolsky’s statement “I need to hide a body,” I thought I’d show you a few of the responses offered by a smartphone regarding the meaning of [...]

The Snake That Can Shiver

Snakes are generally known for being unable to control their own body temperature and for being terrible parents. But by these standards, the reticulated python of Southeast Asia is terrible at being a snake. Rather than laying a clutch and leaving, like most snakes, the python curls around the eggs and incubates them until they [...]

Pythons get married in Cambodia

Two pythons have tied the knot in an unusual wedding ceremony in a village south of Phnom Penh. Cambodians tend to be very supersticious and practice …

The World’s Most Invasive Species

If you have a serious phobia of frogs, rats, bees or snakes, you probably shouldn’t read WebEcoist’s article on the most invasive species in the world. On the other hand, if you don’t have any phobias, it’s fascinating to know just how devastating a pair of bunnies ended up being to Australia and how Florida [...]