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11 Artistic Renderings of Pee-wee Herman

This past summer, Gallery1988 held a collaborative art show called “I Know You Art, But What Am I?”, a tribute to Pee-wee Herman. Here are 11 of the best Pee-wee tributes from the show, prints of which can be purchased through Gallery1988. 1. “Friends with Pee-Wee Herman” by James Flames Available for purchase here. 2. “What a Doll” [...]

Nutritional Labels for Eggs

This is great, but it also needs a proof of purchase tab that can be cut off and mailed in for special offers. Thingiverse user dnewman used the Eggbot egg-decorating machine to draw a nutritional label on an egg. Link via Geekosystem

Virtual Real Estate Sale Record Broken with $335,000 Purchase

It’s possible to make real money in virtual worlds, as one user of the MMOG Entropia Universe recently experienced. He sold a set of virtual real estate properties for $335,000: Jacobs, who goes by the in-game name of Neverdie, has made a number of high-profile transactions over the past few years, from the $25,000 sale of [...]

Neatorama Christmas Special: Bombs Away Shot Glass and More

Bombs Away Shot Glass – $19.95 Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf Hopside Down Beer Bottle-in-a-Glass Silver Playing Card w00t! We’ve just gotten a new shipment of some of our most popular products … so we’ve just added them to the Neatorama Christmas Special. Every purchase will get you a free Mystery Bonus. Quantities are very limited, so order now to [...]

More Stuff for the Neatorama Christmas Special

Just added to the Neatorama Shop’s Christmas Special, where every purchase will get you a free Mystery Bonus. Your purchase helps support the blog, so skip the hassle of going to the mall this Christmas and buy something, mmkay? Murder Ink Pen & Pad Banana Juice Water Bottle Mmm … Pi 2-Carat Cup (Gold) Support Bacteria – It’s [...]

Neatorama Christmas Special

This Christmas, skip the long lines and hassles of going to the mall. Neatorama’s got your covered: you’ll get a free Mystery Bonus with every purchase of select items in our Christmas Special (while supplies last, no rainchecks). New items are added regularly ’til Christmas, so check back often! Your purchase helps support the blog. [...]