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Epic Puppy Playtime

(YouTube link) Neil the puppy has a good time at the park. This delightful video proves that anything can be made extra-dramatic with the proper effects, editing, and of course, soundtrack. -via Tastefully Offensive

Kitten and Corgi

(YouTube link) The kitten just wants to have a nice nap with a warm body to snuggle with, but that puppy won’t stop wiggling! -via Daily of the Day

Maymo Shamed

(YouTube link) We were introduced to the adorable lemon beagle Maymo a few months ago. But it’s not all hearts and flowers when you’re raising a rambunctious puppy! -thanks, J! Previously: More from Maymo

That’s One Patient Pup

(Video Link) It must be a toy if it moves so nicely when you swat at it. That puppy sure is kind for not getting mad though. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

His Favorite Show

This picture was posted by Megan Selig, who said watching this puppy cam feed is her cat’s new favorite pastime. You can watch the litter of six golden retrievers as they grow up, too! Link -via reddit

Pics Of Puppy Food Coma Victims

These photos reveal just how hard a puppy’s life can be, so hard and so so tiring that eating is enough to tucker these little cuties out! Watch as they dream about chasing cats, destroying the vacuum monster and all the kibble they can eat, as they embrace their food comas and look adorable without even [...]

Dachshund Encounters Crab

(YouTube link) Madeline the puppy sees a ghost crab and isn’t sure what it is. The crab is sure he wants to escape to the safety of the ocean. -via Arbroath

Daddy, Hold My Hand

(Video Link) This poor little puppy is terrified of car trips, fortunately, daddy is always there, reassuring him that he is still safe. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Now That’s A Great Massage

(Video Link) As a kitty, that’s a good way to get your puppy to like you, and Toby the pug is certainly not complaining here. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

10 Absolutely Adorable Bugs

We tend to think of insects as creepy and crawly, but not so much cute. But there are some bugs that are simply precious…maybe not as much as a puppy or kitty, but definitely cute nonetheless. If you dig on six-legged cutie pies, then don’t miss this great article featuring some of the most photogenic [...]