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The Art Of Arm Contortion

(YouTube Link) This video features the Turf Dancers showing off their “bone breaks”, arm contortions that are almost painful to watch. I have a feeling that these guys are part puppet, either that or they’ve had their joints replaced by rubber bands! –via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

Putting Words in His Mouth

(YouTube link) Ventriloquist Nina Conti shows us how to get a man to do exactly what you want. Her act usually involves a talking monkey puppet, but this twist brings something different to the art of throwing one’s voice. Meaning, this is funny. -via reddit

The Only Real Choice For President Is A Puppet

(YouTube Link) Let’s face it, most Presidents end up being somebody’s puppet soon after they’re elected into office, so why don’t we just elect a puppet outright? Marvin E. Quasniki,’s candidate for President of these United States of America, seems like a great choice with a realistic American dream-lower your expectations, wallow in mediocrity, and be [...]

Astoundingly Lifelike Horse Puppet

(Video Link) The Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa made this amazing life-size puppet. Three puppeteers control the beast in such a way that it looks, acts, and sounds just like a horse. It’s a wonder of both design and choreography. -via The Presurfer | Troupe Website

Puppet with a Face Belly

Our pal Juergen of Random Good Stuff and For 91 Days is in Palermo, Italy when he visited a fantastic little museum of puppets called the Museo [...]

Pickle Finger

Pickle Finger – $0.95 Are you on the lookout for a new Finger Puppet to taunt hungry coworkers with? You need the deliciously strange Pickle Finger from the NeatoShop.  This great rubber finger puppet is shaped like a pickle. Pickle Fingers are sold per piece.  Be sure to buy 5 to get a complete hand’s worth. Don’t forget [...]

Tchaikovsky Animation Time-Lapse

Cameraman Joe Clarke took this mesmerizing time-lapse of how animator Barry JC Purves manipulates his Tchaikovsky puppet for Russian TV: Whilst working on the film I shot this series of time-lapses with the [...]

Cookie Monster’s Early Work

The New York Times just ran an article on “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World,” an exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. (Has anybody been? I’m sensing a field trip.) One thing The Times mentioned was the origin of Cookie Monster, who evolved from The Wheel-Stealer—a snack-pilfering puppet Jim Henson created to promote Wheels, [...]

Narwhal Finger Puppet

Narwhal Finger Puppet – $0.95 Was your favorite childhood pastime pretending to be a Narwhal? Now you can relive your youth with the fabulous Narwhal Finger Puppet from the NeatoShop. Pop a couple onto your hand and let these magical unicorns of the sea transport you to simpler times. Narwhal Finger Puppets are sold per piece. Be [...]

Portal 2 Puppet

(Video Link) YouTube user trpchaki made this amazing puppet that looks like Wheatley from Portal 2. She took many in-progress photos showing the amazing skill and inventiveness that went into building it — especially the controls, the sound system, and the movable parts. Link -via Geekologie