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Basset Hound Puppy Thinks Christmas Is Meh

Christmas is just another day for this floppy eared basset hound pup, and he is unmoved by all the decorations, lights and holiday cheer. In fact, he’d trade the whole darn holiday for a liver flavored treat! Link

Growing Up Sucks

If this dog could talk I bet he would say "I hate growing up." I have to say I tend to agree. I was the same way as a kid except with pants, between the ages of 12 and 19 I probably went through 1,000 different pairs of pants. Let me back up, that was [...]

Frankenweenie Nails Will Have You Howling for More

Victor, Frankenweenie and the lightning that was used to bring the pup back to life, what could be more appropriate for the opening weekend of the newest Tim Burton movie? Link

Well, It Looks Just Like Her

(Video Link) What happens to a poor spotted lamb that has been abandoned by its mother? Well, if there happens to be a female dalmatian around, you might just see if she’ll adopt it as though it were her own pup. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Dog Tries, Fails to Eat Passing Cars

(Video Link) He figured that it would be easier to catch cars if he was in a car, too. Alas, pup’s success rate remains appallingly low. Keep at it! -via Geekosystem

Dog Desperately Wants to Be Friends with Penguin

(Video Link) Theirs was a forbidden love, separated by the speciesist rules of society and a glass wall. It was not to be. It’s for the best, pup. She was totally friendzoning you. -via Blame It on the Voices

That Dog in the Mirror is a Real Jerk

(Video Link) “His growl sounds weird too. My growl doesn’t sound that weird, and I look way more intimidating then him.” You sure do pup, you sure do. Via I Has A Hot Dog

Ultimate Hunting Dog Trained to Fetch Vodka

(Video Link) Lassie has nothing on this pup. Tsar the dog knows exactly how to be man’s best friend. -via That’s Nerdalicious!

5 Questions: ‘Pup’ Up

With dogged determination, we bring you today’s 5 Questions quiz: ‘Pup’ Up

Adorable Pictures of Kids With Their Pets

For those of you who like looking at adorable pictures of cuddly things, this BuzzFeed gallery featuring kids with their pets is simply precious. It certainly makes me want to cuddle up with my pup. Link