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Orange Porridge Storage

Orange you glad you read this post? Orange puns, love it! Sort of reminds me of that video with Anderson Cooper and Eminem from E60 a few years ago. Eminem says he doesn’t like when people say you can’t rhyme anything with orange and then precedes to rhyme orange with all kinds of things. Sort [...]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Inanimate Objects

(YouTube link) Like his trips to the supermarket and the department store, Jeff Wysaski brings the puns fast and heavy in this Halloween costume roundup. Link -via Daily of the Day

The Lionel Richie Cheese Platter

Some people have many passions, some people only have a few. If your three biggest passions are fine cheese, Lionel Richie and puns, then I can’t think of a single item that would better fit in your life. Link Via Laughing Squid

Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ With This Animated Short

(YouTube Link) Here’s a goofy little gem of a cartoon for your amusement, a sitcom spoof that takes place at the bottom of the ocean and lasts about a minute. Oh, and there are lots of bad oceanic puns, and a duck wearing a top hat. If you can look past the misspelling of existential in the [...]

You Don’t Say

You can find puns and one-liners all day on Twitter if you follow the right people. Twaggies takes those one-liners and illustrates them in comic images. This one is from @yuckybot. See more of them at Go Comics. Link

Darth Conifer

This Star Wars-themed Christmas tree has gone to the Dark Side. I believe the only light is the light saber! This picture is just begging for puns, which you can find in the reddit thread. Link -via @johncfarrier

Admiral Snackbar

This project combines three of my favorite things: Star Wars, LEGO, and puns. What else could you ask for? See more pictures in builder Lino M’s photo stream. Link -via @johncfarrier (Image credit: Flickr user Lino M)

Paper Sculpture Gifts to Scottish Libraries

Beautiful paper sculptures are being left around Scotland’s libraries as a token of appreciation. The artist’s M.O.? Puns, Twitter shout outs, and complete anonymity. Link -via Boing Boing | Photo Credit chrisdonia

Flower Pump Vase

Don’t just settle for a heart-shaped paper sentiment–really unsettle the object of your obsession and send a heart-shaped vase. It’s great for corny Valentine’s puns, for sure. Or you can give it to your cardiologist that you’ve been crushing on (I know–he makes your heart go pitter-patter). It’s by Veneri Design and comes to you [...]

The Best of The Chemistry Cat Meme

While I love LOL Cats, I don’t post them on Neatorama all too often because I know some people aren’t big fans. That being said, when the meme was combined with terrible chemistry puns, I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you. Link