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Search, Mad Men Style

If Google search had been available in the 1960s, it would require typing on a typewriter, using punch cards (if you were really state-of-the-art), and waiting for results to slowly type in. You can try out Google60 to get a feel of what that would have been like. In reality, we didn’t have search engines, [...]

The World’s Most Wonderfully Ridiculous Movie Computers

The concept of deus ex machina has saved many an unbelievable story, when the gods step in and do something that no mere mortal could do to advance the plot or resolve it. The modern counterpart is a real machine -the computer. Since a computer can conceivably do anything, especially in the future, writers make [...]

10 Global Businesses That Worked With The Nazis

This list details how current global brands and companies worked with history’s most hated regime. Some of these businesses were German to begin with, but what I thought was an urban legend about Fanta being made by the Coca Cola company specifically for war time Germany turns out to be true. It’s scary just how [...]

Charles Babbage’s Early Computer May Finally Be Built

In 1837, Charles Babbage designed an early computer. He called it the Analytical Engine. Unfortunately, Babbage died before he could build it. But there’s a campaign underway to make one using the original blueprints: Elements of the engine have been built over the last 173 years, but this would be the first complete working model of [...]