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I think pets should be named purely based on pun potential. Works for me! A comic from The Joy Cannon. Link -via Tastefully Offensive

It’s a Pun

This is the one from the list that made me laugh when I saw it. Sure, it’s an outdated stereotype but they had to overdo it to make sure everyone gets the pun. See more that are almost as good at Buzzfeed. Link

Bead It

They told him don’t you ever thread around here Don’t wanna see your cord, you better disappear The fire’s in their strings and their wires are really clear [...]

The Well-dressed Alligator

A pun you can share with your kids, and a fine-looking alligator illustration, too! Created by DeviantART member arseniic. Link -via reddit

I Love Nerds Beanie

I Love Nerds Knit Beanie | $29.95 Let the world knew you love nerds with this rockin’ Nerd Beanie from the NeatoShop! Keeps your head warm and serves as an excellent icebreaker (pun intended) at the same time. These 100% handmade hats are made from 100% wool on the outside with 100% polyester lining, then there’s [...]

Nyan Cat Progress Bar

I saw this and thought, what a clever visual pun! But it isn’t just an image. Nyan Cat Progress Bar is an application that decorates your progress bar for Windows Explorer and other programs. Link -via Buzzfeed

Dark Side of the Death Star

Sure, it’s a groaner of a pun, but I kinda want one now! Link

Why Steal When You Can Pun?

It may be the lowest form of humor, but we all like a good pun anyway! This Twaggie was illustrated by Donovan Santiago from a Tweet by @thesulk. You can buy a print or a t-shirt with this design. Link

Happy 4th Blogiversary, Miss Cellania!

Oh, where are me manners – with everything that’s been going on with preparing for the new baby and all, I’ve been neglecting doing my usual round of visiting my favorite blogs, including those run by Neatoramanauts, for quite a while. So happy belated Blogiversary to Miss Cellania, who celebrated her fourth year blogging on August [...]