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Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin

(YouTube link) One of the benefits of having pumpkins is the fun you can have getting rid of them. However, I would not recommend that you try the methods shown in this slow-motion video. Especially #3. Do not attempt that ever, anytime, anywhere. -via The Daily What

Halloween Awakening

(YouTube link) There are many stop-motion video of pumpkins carving themselves, but this one has a twist. Five years after we first posted this video, it still makes me smile.  

Ray Villafane Unveils His Pumpkin Zombie Sculpture For 2012

Photo: redwingx/Flickr Photo: redwingx/Flickr (YouTube Link) Amazing pumpkin artist Ray Villefane is back with another disturbingly good work of pumpkin art, and this year’s works are more terrifying than ever before! He’s using three of the largest pumpkins in the U.S., along with some regular sized ones, to create a life-sized shambling pumpkin zombie display for New York’s Botanical [...]

Tortoises Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

They might not be big fans of turkey, but tortoises love pumpkins, which is a great way for them to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, they are super cute while munching down on the holiday treats. Link Via BuzzFeed

R2-D2 Jack-o-Lantern

Noel Dickover carves amazing jack-o-lanterns, such as the R2-D2 pictured above. After searching for just the right pumpkin for the job, Dickover spent 10-11 hours sculpting it. The legs and scope were shaped from pieces of other pumpkins and attached with Krazy Glue. Gallery Link and Article Link via Geekologie