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Pumpktris- A Playable Tetris Jack-O-Lantern

(YouTube Link) Talk about stepping up your pumpkin carving game! Pumpktris was created by Nathan Pryor, a guy who was clearly tired of just looking at jack-o-lanterns and wanted a little interactivity with his Halloween decor. This fully playable pumpkin has a LED light gameboard and uses the stem as a controller, and Nathan has been kind [...]

Flaming Pumpkin

(YouTube link) This looks cool, but keep it away from decorations, hay, and trick-or-treaters. And be aware that it will smell like flaming pumpkin. -Thanks, Dave!  

Ray Villafane Unveils His Pumpkin Zombie Sculpture For 2012

Photo: redwingx/Flickr Photo: redwingx/Flickr (YouTube Link) Amazing pumpkin artist Ray Villefane is back with another disturbingly good work of pumpkin art, and this year’s works are more terrifying than ever before! He’s using three of the largest pumpkins in the U.S., along with some regular sized ones, to create a life-sized shambling pumpkin zombie display for New York’s Botanical [...]

Pumpkin Carvings Inspired By Hollywood Movies

Bringing characters and images from the big screen to the side of a pumpkin is no small feat, but these sublimely detailed carvings from the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island prove it can be done, and without the grossly inflated budget of a Hollywood movie! Link

Burger King Pumpkin Burger

Only available in Japan, and only for a limited time. Unless it’s a big hit, of course. Starting next Friday, and for a limited time only, Burger King Japan customers can treat themselves to a seasonal BK Pumpkin Burger — two slices of fried kabocha squash (AKA Japanese pumpkin) stacked atop bacon, lettuce, a beef patty, [...]

Uh-oh: Starbucks Reports Pumpkin Latte Shortage

You may want to sit down, guys: it’s pumpkin season in Starbucks land, but some stores are reportedly overwhelmed with demand and have run out of pumpkin spice syrup before the next shipment arrives.  Starbucks says there’s no overall shortage of the key syrup ingredient, but notes that some stores suffer setbacks because of less frequent [...]

That’s No Pumpkin!

Etsy seller Cricket Willis painted this fake pumpkin with ultraviolet paint that glows under black light. At her shop you can also find a cow vertebra painted with the silhouettes of curvaceous women and hilariously entitled “Baby’s Got Back.” Link -via Technabob

Drawn to Facts No. 005: A full-grown pumpkin has about 15 miles of roots

Illustration by: Jacob Hanover Fact:A full-grown pumpkin has about 15 miles of roots. Check out all of our illustrated facts here.

Pumpkin Teeth

Pumpkin Teeth – $4.95 (sets sold individually)  Halloween is coming! Are you looking for a way to up your pumpkin game? You need Pumpkin Teeth from the NeatoShop. Each set includes 18 teeth in 3 sizes. They are available in Buck Teeth, Shark Teeth, and Fang. Some styles glow-in-the-dark. Get ready to take a big bite [...]

Spider-Man Pumpkin Push Ins

Spider-Man Pumpkin Push Ins – $14.95 Attention all you crappy pumpkin carvers! Are you tired of toiling endlessly just to create a subpar pumpkin? Now you can cheat your way to an adorable creation with the Spider-Man Pumpkin Push Ins from the NeatoShop. This great set is easy and fun to use.    Be sure to check [...]