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Stunning Pop-Up Book Covers

I’ve always found the art of pulp fiction novels to be simply fascinating. Of course, they had to beā€”these cheap books often sold because of the cover image, not the content inside. But artist Thomas Allen has raised the bar even higher for these stunning images by cutting out the people and creatures on the covers [...]

Pulp Fiction Super Mario Bros.

(YouTube Link) Animator Jeremie Duval remixed Super Mario Bros. with the tone and sound of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Content warning: not for mushroom lovers. Via Geekologie

Pulp Fiction Audio Remix

Here’s a nicely done audio remix using sound elements from the movie, Pulp Fiction. It incorporates beats using sounds like soap being slapped into the hands of Jules and Vincent, the smoke alarm, the Wolf hanging up the phone, and lots more. No credits…anyone know who made this? Enjoy. YouTube Link