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Re-Envisioned Cereal Box Characters

Are you tired of your cereal box mascots looking all cute and cuddly? Looking for a box that has more machismo, to match your ferocious outlook on life? Well, look no further than these re-envisioned cereal boxes by artist Guillermo Fajardo. He’s bringing the madness to a world hungry for “goodnees in fruit-flavor corn puff.” Mmmmmm….delicious and [...]

People Hear with Their Skin, As Well As Their Ears

According to a new study published in Nature, our skin helps us decipher the sounds we hear with our ears. Blindfolded volunteers listened to the “pa”, “ta”, “da”, and “ba” sounds. Unknown to the participant, a puff of air, softer than would be felt in normal conversation, accompanied some of the sounds. Sometimes the puff [...]