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Zombie makes US presidential bid

In a publicity stunt for ‘The Walking Dead’, a zombie is attempting to become the next US president. Mr A. Zombie and his wife Patty Morgan-Zombie arr…

The 6 Most Terrible Publicity Stunts Ever

I’m sure you guys all are familiar with the Scope’s Monkey Trial, but did you know that the whole thing was actually just an overblown publicity stunt to help attract travelers to visit the town of Dayton, Tennessee? Learn more about the trial as well as other irresponsible publicity stunts in this great Cracked article. Link

The Quick 10: 10 Publicity Stunts Gone Bad

You’ve probably heard the old saying “any publicity is good publicity,” but these 10 stunts gone awry prove that’s not so. 1. A couple of days ago, two masked men wearing dark clothes ran through Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, brandishing “small metallic items” and yelling at employees to go to the lobby. Although it [...]

Twitter hosts world’s first online seance

In a Halloween publicity stunt the world’s first ever online seance conducted via Twitter proved popular and allegedly succeeded in contacting…

Twitter seance to contact Michael Jackson

Tweance, a paranormal publicity stunt in time for Halloween, is an online attempt to contact deceased celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Patr…