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Debate Prep: A Brief History of American Political Debates

by Maggie Koerth-Baker Getty Images From the Revolution up to the turn of the 20th century, America preferred that its presidential candidates be seen and not heard. The presidency was regarded as so solemn an office that it was considered indecent and prideful to aspire to. Instead, candidates were to approach nomination as if it were something [...]

FEMA runs zombie preparedness campaign

Nothing gets the public to take note of emergancy planning procedures like a zombie apocalypse. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is following i…

Twin Panther Cubs

Two baby black panther cubs were introduced to the public at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, Germany, over the weekend. Bizzfeed has a collection of photographs taken at the event. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are two armfuls of adorable! Link (Image credit: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)

CDC’s Wedding Day Survival Guide

After warning the public about the dangers of zombies, the CDC decided to tackle something even more dangerous: weddings! Emergencies could range from a tear in your wedding gown, tornado, health issues, monster-in-laws, [...]

Should Wearing Pajamas In Public Be Banned?

Do you like to go about town wearing comfy pajama pants? Not in Shreveport, Louisiana, you won’t … if a local parish commissioner has his way! Caddo Parish District 3 Commission Michael Williams said it was [...]

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Public Toilet Survival Kit – $4.95 Do scary public restrooms keep you from seeking adventure and fun? You need the Public Toilet Survival Kit from the NeatoShop. This fantastic little tin includes: 2 antiseptic wipes 1 pair of disposable gloves and 1 toilet seat cover Now get out there and pee with abandon. A whole new world of restrooms awaits [...]

R2D2 Sweater

People look at you funny if you roll around in public in a realistic R2R2 costume. This sweater by Etsy seller Erica Schoenberger is a more discreet and possibly even workplace-friendly alternative. Link -via OhGizmo!

10 Most Influential Media Moguls in History

With the scandal unfolding in Britain we see just how powerful someone like Rupert Murdoch really is. However there have been many like him before as we see in this list of some of the most powerful media moguls in history. My favorite is Joseph Pulitzer (pictured). You know you have power when you have [...]

Anatomical Dress

Rachel Wright made a few dresses from vintage slips and nightgowns that depict the anatomy of the wearer. She’s doing so to express an intersection of public and private lives: The Dream Anatomy series explore these imagined realms inside the body. Because these garments are meant to be worn, the boundary between the internal and the [...]

NPR Valentines

Especially for National Public Radio fans, these eight Valentine images are full of in-jokes. Link -via Buzzfeed