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Dumb Ways to Die

(YouTube link) This too-cute public service announcement is an ad for Metro Trains Melbourne. They eventually include some warnings about the danger of trains. Stay safe. -via Pleated-Jeans

Words Of Wisdom From Star Wars

This public service announcement was brought to you by Star Wars, where things almost went horribly wrong between siblings Luke and Leia. If you’d like to further explore this incestual possibility check out Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, a novel by Alan Dean Foster which was published in 1978 and takes place between Episode IV: A [...]

She Texted in a Movie Theater

(YouTube link) The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema enforces old-fashioned theater etiquette. They have two rules: no talking during a movie, and no phone usage. After a woman was ejected from the theater for texting during a film, she left an angry voice mail. The theater promptly turned her message into a public service announcement. In discussions at [...]

Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

“It’s never too early to introduce your child to Star Wars.” This Public Service Announcement was made to help dads deal with the tough issue of how and when to introduce kids to Star Wars. And what to do about the prequels and special editions. And how to prevent them from liking Jar Jar Binks. Representative [...]

Jolly Holi-Dogs

(YouTube link) A public service announcement from the Best Friends Animal Society. -via The Daily What

Christmas Tree Fire

YouTube link. A public service announcement video from the U.S. Department of Commerce demonstrating how rapidly fire will spread in a dry Christmas tree. Some Neatorama readers may remember an era when trees were decorated with real candles, and families kept a bucket of water with a mop nearby. Trees of that era were of course more [...]

Timely Venn Diagram

Considering the earlier story of Falcon Heene and the flying saucer, this Public Service Announcement by Ebru strikes home. She named it “The Truest Venn Diagram I Have Ever Made.” Link -via Buzzfeed