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Weird Poems Accompanied By Even Weirder Drawings

Alex Sparks and Bret Hawkins are collaborating on a project called The Ninety-Nine Draft, which features oddball illustrations based on short “poems” meant to conjure strange mental images. The accompanying drawings have an extremely unique graphic style that reveals the inherently serious nature of phrases like “all my friends have antlers” and “I am becoming a [...]

Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Striving to Stay Young

There are some celebrities that would do just about anything to stay young, but for Sumatran orangutans, the fountain of youth is a little easier to come by — at least for the males. That’s because they’re able to put off puberty to keep their good looks. For our great ape cousins, puberty means it’s time [...]

Fire Shaving

I am 19, and with my family gene history, that means that I am just starting to hit puberty …… More accurately, it means I am at the point where I have just enough facial hair for it to be a pain in my ass, but not enough for me to do anything cool with [...]