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The Secret to Raising Successful Children

Psst, parents! Want to raise happy and successful children? Put down that Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother book and land the helicopter parenting methods. Pyshcologist and author Madeline Levine tells us all about the [...]

The K-E Diet

Psst, want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days without going hungry? No, not a miracle diet pill – it’s a doctor-supervised program called the K-E Diet that’s becoming popular with brides-to-be who want [...]

Traffic on California Highways in the 1950s

Psst, Californians – did today’s traffic jams on the 5 and the 405 make you wish for the good ol’ days? You know, when the freeways flowed freely like a wild river? Well, maybe [...]

Prehistoric Preschool Artists

Psst, parents! Did your kids draw on the wall? Well, take heart: you’re not alone. In fact, prehistoric preschool "artists" decorated their cave walls, too. Cambridge archaeologist Jess Cooney will explain how meticulous [...]

Mean People Make More Money

Psst! Want to earn more money? The secret to earning more money in the workplace is … to be mean. That’s right: a new study found that agreeable workers earn significantly less than their meaner counterparts. The researchers examined “agreeableness” using self-reported survey data and found that men who measured below average on agreeableness earned about 18% [...]

Better Exam Results By Listening to Study Tape While Asleep

Psst! Got a tough exam in the morning? Here’s an easy way to improve your grade: listen to study tapes while you’re asleep. Really! Scientists have found that hearing specific sounds during deep sleep can improve memory and recall. [...] Scientists asked a group of students to look at 50 objects, including a cat and a kettle, [...]