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My Little Pony Shotgun

I’m having trouble tracking down information about this shotgun. So far, I can find just one mention on Equestria Daily. It’s not the first working MLP firearm we’ve seen. Last week, we saw a Smith & Wesson 1911 with the Rainbow Dash cutie mark inscribed on the grips. This shotgun of unknown provenance is similarly [...]

How to Make a Chocolate Model of Your Brain

Step 1 is to acquire a brain. I’m not going to ask where you got it. Just get the brain. Then, as Instructables member Inition advises, scan the brain of dubious provenance with a MRI machine. Use a 3D printer to create a latex mold and pour in the chocolate. If you’ve ever wanted to [...]

Skull Flower

Some people see the Virgin Mary, some people see maps, others see skulls in everything. (Via AnOther Mag. Photo provenance unknown – if you know the originator, please let me know so we can credit). a Photo Blog about Literal Things

Our pal Oddee has launched a new photo site called (yes, like, the domain name is Libyan), dedicated to pictures taken literally. Some of the photos are quite clever, some have been going ’round the Net for a long time (pic above, for example) that their provenance is unknown: Link

Portrait of Conan O’Brien in Cheetos

(YouTube Link) This video is circulating the Internet today. It shows an unnamed artist making a portrait of Conan O’Brien out of cheetos. Allegedly, he (she?) used about 2,000 cheetos from 50 bags for the work, but the provenance on that information is iffy. via The Agitator