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They sure look beautiful, but they’re not just any flower … they’re nanoflowers! Nanoflowers may not impress your date, but researchers say these floral-shaped molecules—so tiny you’d need an electron microscope [...]

Turd Burgers, Anyone?

Last week it was human breast milk from genetically-altered cows. Now I’m hearing about something even more squicky: a scientist in Japan who’s figured out how to make apparently-edible faux meat out of human feces. Professor Poo (I mean Ikeda) extracts lipids and protein from “sewage mud,” does a little lab magic, then adds soy [...]

Virophage discovered in Antarctic lake

The new virophage was discovered after noting protein sequences similar to another found in 2008. A virophage is a virus-eating virus. Only three have…

Tiny penguins turn blue

Scientists have discovered a special protein in fairy penguins that turns their feathers blue. The fairy penguin may stand only 1 foot tall but it sta…

Insects Created from Human Hair

When I was five, I asked my mother what hair was made of. She attempted to explain it to me in a way that I could understand, but eventually said “protein”. “What’s that?” She tried to explain protein, and used peanut butter as an example. So, as I misunderstood it, hair was made out peanut [...]

Artificial protein able to sustain life

Scientists have created a synthetic protein that enables growth of living cells. A team of Princeton University researchers accomplished the task of c…