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Moscow Metro Stained Glass Avantgarde

“QUICK SHOT” #2Link Moscow Metro, Shabolovskaya Station, 1962 (image via) A backlit stained-glass panel on the theme of radio and television broadcasting, shown above. Another example of Soviet 1970s official folk art is the panel on the wall of “Belyaevo” metro station, created in 1974 by Bodniek and Rysin: (image via) From the Stalin times, here’s a couple of Moscow [...]

The Number of the Day: 106

As of June, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, Arizona, had 106 patients in various states of cryopreservation (frozen in liquid nitrogen). The most famous of these is baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams. Related Fact: The field of Cryonics was pioneered in 1964 with the publishing of The Prospect of Immortality by Robert Ettinger [...]

Man Who Vowed to Live Forever Has Died

Many people have dreamed of living forever but for science fiction writer and physics teacher Robert C.W Ettinger it was a life’s mission. Ettinger who died this past weekend was a founder of the cryogenics movement and was frozen along with both of his ex-wives with hopes of one day being brought back to life. [...]

Wallet Found After 40 Years

Rudolph R. Resta, 77, walked out of a wintry rain recently, through the revolving door of a largely empty Times Square office building, and into his distant past. He found his two sons, now in their 40s, when they were small enough to fit into the same lawn chair, side by side. He found his wife, [...]

Hilarious and Crazy Signage, Part 13

“QUANTUM SHOT” #588Link – by A. Abrams The more you stare at some of them, the more befuddled you become Some signs are certain to crack you up, some signs are likely to infuriate you. In any case, hardly a human being will come out of this experience unaffected. Perhaps, some would even pledge to enter the [...]