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Better Check Your Rads

Zachariah Cruse is quite the props designer. In fact, he was able to not only make a Pipboy from Fallout 3, but he was even able to make one with a working screen. Now that’s impressive! Link

Steampunk Predator Mask

By Jove, that fellow is using the trees! But if it bleeds, we can dispatch it. Hand me that Krag. Look for the helmet made by the artisans at Skunkworks Props. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Paintings Depict The Wonderful World Of LEGO

These paintings by Aurelie Montfrond are like visualizations of what goes on inside a child’s mind as they play with their LEGO sets, the figures embarking on a grand adventure both simple in scope and brilliantly colored. Terrain is simplified, elements are distorted, and yet there is a clarity of focus which showcases the figures, and [...]

If Mario Replaced Ryan Gosling

I didn’t see Drive, but I’d definitely go see Kart. Props to Dan Hipp for making instantly improving on Hollywood’s vision. Link Via Kotaku

Blueprints to Make Your Own Dalek

Nowadays, if you write a movie or TV show production company on how to make your own props, you’d probably hear back from their legal departments. But back in the early 80s, if you wrote to the BBC requesting plans on how to make your very own Dalek, you’d actually get the blueprints! Check it out [...]

Stargate Auction

Props, costumes, and other artifacts from the TV series Stargate are up for auction September 25 and 26 in Seattle, Washington. If you can’t be there, you can bid on items via internet. Yes, it’s possible you could end up with your very own Stargate! But it won’t be cheap. Just the catalog for the [...]