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Raising the Bar: 9 Even More Elaborate Proposals

The modern custom of the elaborate public surprise proposal gives us lots of smiles and a few vicarious tears of happiness, even if we wouldn’t want such publicity for ourselves. We’ve posted several lists of them in the past. It’s just lovely to know people in love will go to so much trouble to express [...]

The 11 Cutest Proposals In Internet History

We’ve brought you a lot of spectacular and imaginative marriage proposals, but someone will always come up with a new idea. The log ride photo here is pretty self-explanatory, but the story is included at the link. There are eleven adorable proposal stories posted at Buzzfeed. DO NOT skip the one from the Canadian air [...]

Could paintball one day save the planet ?

A graduate student from Massachusetts has developed a method to deflect an asteroid using paintballs. Sung Wook Paek’s proposal to save the world from…

Cow Proposal

Yesterday we saw a proposal delivered by a kitten. Today, it’s a cow! Nathan Evans of Bracknell, England, wanted his ask Angela Olano for her hand in marriage in a way that would be meaningful to her. Olano really likes cows, so Evans contacted the organizers of the South England Show about borrowing a bovine. [...]

She Must Really Love Tacos

I don’t know where this taco proposal actually comes from, but you have to wonder if she actually was into the idea or was turned off by the idea of a romantic gesture based on something available at Taco Bell. Link Via My Food Looks Funny

Pizza Hut Proposal Package

Can you imagine anything more romantic, personal, and memorable than a proposal at a pizza chain? Pizza Hut is offering a deluxe Valentine’s Day proposal package that includes an engagement ring (no diamonds though -it’s ruby), photographer, videographer, limousine, fireworks, and a ten dollar pizza! The cost? Just $10,010. Better hurry and reserve your package, [...]

The Phylogeny of Bread Clips

In a peer-reviewed publication of the British Medical Journal, there’s a “proposal for phylogenic plastic bag clip classification”. The reasoning behind the need for classification is because so many bread clips are ingested and then are hard for x-rays to pick up. The actual proposal is paywalled, but Laughing Squid has several fascinating graphics from [...]

8 Delightfully Geeky Wedding Proposals

While there’s nothing wrong with giving your gal a glass of champagne before getting down on one knee to propose, some people prefer to go a less traditional and more personalized route. Of course, if the potential bride and groom both happen to be a bit geeky, then it follows that a customized wedding proposal [...]

Submarine Tank

Phil Pauley’s decidedly imaginative and optimistic proposal for an oceanographic research vehicle is a submersible tank. A three-person crew would pilot a lithium battery-powered boat for two to four weeks at depths of up to 4,000 meters below the surface of the ocean. Link via DVICE

10 Quirky Marriage Proposals

Since the mental_floss article Modern Marriage Proposals was published in 2007, I have read about many more marvelous methods men have used to asked for their sweetheart’s hand in marriage, plus a couple of proposals that started out traditionally and ended up in the news because of embarrassing unforeseen circumstances. 1. Hay Bales William Butler took advantage [...]