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Miss Flame in the Bedroom with the Shoe: 4 Board Games that Changed With The Culture

Plenty of board games have debuted special editions, integrated electronics (who wants to roll dice anymore, anyways?), and upgraded to fancy carved pieces. But here are four classic games that had to change their rules just to stay relevant in the culture around them. 1. The Game of Life Photo by user c.a. muller Unsurprisingly, the [...]

Robin Words

Here’s something that might keep you busy for a while. Robin Words pits your language skills against a computer. Change one letter in the four-letter word the computer gives you. The computer will then change one letter in the word you used and so on. You may not use proper nouns or reuse words that have [...]

Kickstart This: Terminator the Second

Here’s an amazingly excellent idea for a mash-up: a theatrical production of Terminator 2 re-written in the language of Shakespeare. Nashville-based theater company Husky Jackal dreamed up the project, and before you ask the inevitable question — why T-2? — here’s their answer: First of all, it’s just an awesome movie. And you’d be amazed by [...]

Terminator 2 Using Only Lines from Shakespeare

Husky Jackal Theater of Nashville proposes to put on a stage production of Terminator 2, using a script composed entirely of lines borrowed from the collected works of William Shakespeare: We adhered to strict guidelines regarding the usage of Shakespeare’s works. Each line and phrase is taken directly from folios printed by or before 1685, and [...]

Dog Understands 1,022 Words

John Pilley and Alliston Reid, researchers at Wofford College in the UK, wanted to know how large a dog’s vocabulary could get with extensive training. After three years of work, they stopped teaching one border collie who developed a thousand-word vocabulary: The authors demonstrated that their dog, Chaser, learned the names of 1,022 objects — no [...]