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Propane Tank Lamp

This clever design by Félix Guyon will bring a bit of spark to any home. It’s made from an old propane tank and a (thankfully) fake giant match. Link -via Recylart

Propane Tank Jack-o’-Lanterns

Before you take a cutting torch to your own propane tank, make sure that it’s complete empty of fuel. Or just leave the work up to Scott Krichau, who made this and other jack-o’-lanterns from empty tanks. Link -via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website | Photo: Skull-A-Day

Pyrophonia: Music on Fire

“Flaming” and “on fire” are words used all the time for musicians who are “burning it up,” or playing with talent and fervor. The phrases are usually not meant to be taken literally. But the universal human fascination with fire and music is sometimes combined into instruments that are literally on fire. And they come [...]

Trilobite Car From Burning Man

The car in the video, based on the prehistoric trilobite creature, is known as its Latin name, the “Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobiteis,” or the Electrobite. It was made by the same people that made the famed snail car for the Burning Man Festival. They say the internal workings are based a wheelchair, but it’s movements totally remind [...]