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Man cured of AIDS still going strong

A few years ago 46-year-old Timothy Brown became the only person to have ever been cured of AIDS. While his remarkable recovery is proof that AIDS is …

92-year-old refused sale of alcohol

A 92-year-old was refused a bottle of whisky because she couldn’t produce proof that she was over 18. Despite showing her over-60s bus pass, an OAP ca…

Pierre de Fermat

Mathematician Pierre de Fermat was born 410 years ago today, as we learn from the Google doodle of the day. The doodle recreates Fermat’s Last Theorem, which he left scribbled in the margin of a book. Fermat’s claim left mathematicians puzzled for over 350 years — as mathematicians proved it true for many sets of possible [...]

10 Interesting Numbers in American Culture (Plus or Minus a Few)

From the number that defeated the Nazis to the one that put a smile on the faces of drunken sailors, here are 10 digits with real value. 1. Nine-tenths of a cent: The fraction that makes us pump more gas Every time we fill up our tanks, we wrestle with one of life’s thorniest mysteries: Why [...]

Did the Exodus really happen ?

Did Moses really lead the Israelites out of Egypt and were there really ten plagues ? One religious author has provided textual proof that the Israeli…

Georgian ancient stone mystery solved

Proof has been found to suggest that native Puerto Ricans and Cubans once lived in North America. Ancient rock paintings once thought to be of Native …

Dino drawing or mud stain: proof of creation?

A controversial cave drawing has spurred debate on whether or not it constitutes proof of creationism. The drawing which is thought to be thousands of…

Nutritional Labels for Eggs

This is great, but it also needs a proof of purchase tab that can be cut off and mailed in for special offers. Thingiverse user dnewman used the Eggbot egg-decorating machine to draw a nutritional label on an egg. Link via Geekosystem

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

(YouTube link) Nicolas Cage has played roles in 66 different films so far, and his roles have an extraordinary range. So does his hair! For proof, watch this video compilation by Harry Hanrahan. See a list of the films used at Pajiba. -via The Daily What

4,000-year-old flowers found at grave site

Proof has been found for the first time ever that pre-historic people would have placed flowers at the graves of their deceased. A bronze age dig …