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Hilarious Bad Prom Pictures

Prom night can be a terrifying and wondrous experience, full of fashion faux pas, unexpected acne outbreaks and awkward moments in teen angst. So why not enjoy the hilarity of it all by looking at a bunch of funny prom pictures? Peruse the gallery at your leisure and be thankful that your prom night pics didn’t make [...]

What The Girls In The World of TRON Wear to Prom

Flickr user Karen Green spotted this great cosplay dress at Comic Con 2011 and appropriately titled it “like a TRON prom dress.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to see someone actually wearing this dress to their prom. Maybe one of our younger readers could take a little inspiration for their prom -you [...]

A Prom Night to Remember

A group of high school students in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, were decked out for the prom last Saturday night. They headed to Lac La Belle and posed for group pictures on the lake’s pier. Then the pier collapsed. The quick-thinking photographer kept shooting, resulting in an unforgettable sequence of pictures. The wet teenagers, attempting to save [...]

11 Household Items Made Into Prom Dresses

Industrious ladies have always taken to designing and creating their own prom dresses, but generally that just means sewing a few pieces of fabric together. For the truly crafty and clever, though, the materials for a one-of-a-kind dress can be found around the house. 1. Duct Tape The most common oddball material for prom dresses and tuxes [...]

Prom: The Ever Escalating Cost of the Social Arms Race

If you’ve got a teen who’s been bugging you about going to prom, then you probably already know this: prom is much more expensive nowadays than when you went oh so many years ago. USA Today business reporter Hadley Malcolm (left, above), [...]

Teen Drama at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Gambit wants to get close, but he’s scared of getting hurt again. Will he overcome his anxiety and ask Rogue to accompany him to the prom? Let’s crack open this faux Sweet Valley High cover by Tony Fleecs. Check out his gallery at the link, which is filled with geeky goodness. Link -via io9 | Fleecs’s [...]

Going to Prom in the Weinermobile

We brought you the stories of some extraordinary prom rides a few years ago, but this takes the cake… or maybe the hot dog! Ben Ross was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident. A joke he made while in the hospital led his mother to petition the Oscar Mayer company to take Ben and his [...]

Prom Dress Made out of Starburst Wrappers

For six years, Tara Frey of River Falls, Wisconsin, has been preparing for prom. She’s carefully made a dress, vest, bracelets, earrings, headbands, and shoes out of Starburst wrappers: Tara’s mother would buy 20 bags of Starburst at a time to get the huge amount of wrappers needed to make the dress and the accessories. “The [...]

Is 19 Too Old For Prom?

Chris Kluender wants to take his high school sweetheart Tiffany Gall to the prom. After all, they started dating a couple of years ago when she was a senior and the couple went to her prom. But there’s a teensy weensy problem now, when Chris wants to take her to his prom: at 19 years [...]

The Late Movies: Prom?

It’s that time of year again, in which high school students play out the traditional rituals of the junior/senior prom. However, some of the rituals have changed in the decades since I went. The dresses are less formal, while the transportation is more formal. These days, kids have to pay to go to the prom, [...]