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18 Vintage Photos From Prohibition

Americans are fascinated by prohibition, as evidenced by the success of shows like Boardwalk Empire and the many movies based on Al Capone. But for all the discussions and reenactments of the period, it’s still rare to actually look back on photos from the period. Here are a few scenes from the fight against alcohol, [...]

How the Humble Bar Changed American History

If you ask Christine Sismondo about prohibition, she’ll tell you it didn’t have nearly as much to do with alcohol as it did with trying to close down the saloon. And that’s a key distinction if you, like her, consider the American bar to be the equivalent of the London coffeehouses and Paris Salons. Sismondo contends [...]

The Science of Prohibition

Popular Science has a gallery of articles the magazine published during Prohibition addressing alcohol, the laws against it, and the ways people got around those laws. Some read like “how to” guides, and some detail law enforcement methods as if warning people how to avoid getting caught. This “scientific” look at how stills work was [...]

Buildings of Historic Chicago

Take a look at seven historic Chicago locations. Some were notorious hangouts of the Prohibition-era gangsters of Chicago. You may have even been to some of them without knowing the colorful background of these placces. The speakeasy, 1920’s icon. When prohibition began, outlawing the sale of alcohol in the United States paved the way for criminals [...]

Prohibition-Era Bowling Alley Unearthed in Queens

The new owner of a former garment factory building recently unearthed a pair of manually-operated bowling lanes in his basement. The lanes are in very good condition, considering it’s been many years since they’ve seen action. After research into the property, the owner believes the basement was a secret club during Prohibition! Link From the Upcoming ueue, [...]