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The 100 Greatest Maniacal Laughs in Film

Well, finally! I’ve been trying to teach my 3-year old how to laugh diabolically, but we’re not making much progress. This compilation of the greatest, evilest laughs from movies will serve as an excellent training film. -via VA Viper

Interesting Modern Bank Designs

Typically a stolid brick-and-mortar institution, these new architectural designs (some built, some in progress) are taking banking to a new level of cool. From Tokyo to Oslo (my favorite), these banks incorporate open planning, natural light, cool angles and plenty of interest. (See what I did there?) The full gallery of the 13 coolest modern [...]

Sex In Progress Light

Sex In Progress Light – $19.95 The Sex In Progress Light from the NeatoShop is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for someone who is : A. feeling Frisky B. perpetually optimistic C. feels the need to announce to the world that he got lucky D. all of the above. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Valentine’s Day foolishness.

The Quick 10: Lesser-Known Subtitles; or, the Part of the Book Title No One Ever Says

I think as a whole, the notion of giving your book a second, supporting title has gone out of vogue. There are current books out there with subtitles, of course – Lemony Snicket gave some of the books in his A Series of Unfortunate Events subtitles – but it’s certainly not the trend it used [...]

The future of evolution

Humans are still evolving but what will this mean for us in the distant future ? With progress in the field of genetic engineering will we even ha…

Shooting Old Living Things

Rachel Sussman is a photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. One of her current projects in progress is called “The oldest living things in the world”. On this map you can see the places she has visited to take the photographs of these very old things, like the 400,000 years old Siberian actinobacteria in the picture [...]