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Will we see a future without war ?

A political science professor has conducted a study suggesting that conflicts will halve by 2050. Professor HÃ¥vard Hegre and colleagues at the Peace R…

Two-Fluid Snap Off

At what point does a drop of fluid pinch off into two droplets? University of Chicago professor of physics Sidney Nagel snapped the photo of such an event: How does one fluid body become two? At what point do the two separate, [...]

Write Your Own Final Exam

Tyler Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason University and general Renaissance man (seriously, read his blog–he’s interested in everything). Alex Tabarrok, also a professor at GMU, shares this fascinating story: Tyler [Cowen] once walked into class the day of the final exam and he said. “Here is the exam. Write your own questions. Write [...]

University receives $5M to study afterlife

Professor John Martin Fischer will be heading a research initiative called ‘The Immortality Project’. Fischer’s work will involve investigating topics…

Exam From Hell: Drunk Teacher Forced Students to Take 23-Hour Exam

Think that your professor is bad? Try this one for size: A lecturer at a Russian university allegedly submitted students to a 23-hour exam without food or lavatory breaks while she was drunk. Landysh Zaripova is said to have mostly ignored [...]

Carved Bowling Balls

Your professor has given a heavy reading assignment: a famous architectural manual carved into a bowling ball. Eddy Sykes made this and similar sculptures in reflection of his blue collar upbringing as well as his architectural training. Link -via Gizmodo | Artist’s Website

10 Incredibly Nice Robbers

Personal morality varies from person to person, and even within a person over time. Some justify stealing other people’s things in their minds one way or another, but still have a an ethical line they don’t want to cross. Oddee collected stories of thieves who had a change of plan due to unforeseen circumstances, like [...]

World’s Most Expensive Tea Made with Panda Poop

An Yashi, a professor at Sinchuan University in China, has produced tea which is fertilized with panda droppings. At $80,000 per kilogram, it’ll be the most expensive tea in the world when it reaches the market. Yashi claims that it’s worth the price because of special health benefits: “Pandas have a very poor digestive system and [...]

Professor uses own body in experiment

Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick attaches a silicon chip to his forearm as part of an experiment. In 2002, a University of Reading (UK) professor o…

Hitching a ride to Mars on an asteroid

One physics professor has suggested astronouts get to Mars by hitching a ride on the back of an asteroid. The idea is not as ridiculous as it sounds, …