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Mayan codex may lead to lost treasure

An expert in Mayan writing believes he has deciphered a code that will lead to eight tons of gold. Joachim Rittsteig, professor emeritus at Dresden Un…

Mona Lisa: All Things to Some Researchers

How researchers see a much looked- upon lady by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff Leonardo da Vinci’s painted portrait of the Mona Lisa entices researchers of many kinds to spring into action of some sort. Alerted to the possible presence of a newsworthy mystery, quite a few people want to define and then solve it. On December [...]

Down on the Body Farm

A “body farm” is a facility for research on decomposing bodies. It can also be a training ground for criminal investigators. The fifth body farm in the US is preparing to open in Pennsylvania, which will give researchers a new environment to study. “It’s so environment specific,” said Dr. Richard L. Jantz, Professor Emeritus and Director [...]

10 Neat Facts About Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan with a model of the Viking Lander. Photo via Wikipedia I miss Carl Sagan. Sagan’s enthusiasm for science and his knack for translating difficult scientific concepts into simple explanations that many can understand, made him a popular figure. He was an ambassador for science, if you will, as he had inspired many people [...]