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New spontaneous human combustion theory

Prof Brian J Ford has turned his attention to determining why some people allegedly burst in to flames. Cases of spontaneous human combustion usually …

One Step Closer to Lab-Grown Meat

We’ve written about lab-grown meat before on Neatorama, but that holy grail for carnivores that love the taste of burnt flesh yet squeamish about killing animals is one [...]

Scientists to Create Inorganic Life

It’s probably a bit too soon to welcome our new inorganic life overlords, but that doesn’t mean that scientists in Scotland aren’t trying hard! They’re busy at work to create self-replicating, evolving cells made from [...]

Familiarity Breeds Miscommunications

Why doesn’t your husband understand you? A new research found that being too close to another person may actually hamper communications: The spouses consistently overestimated their ability to communicate, and did so more with their partners than with strangers. Prof Keysar’s colleague Prof Kenneth Savitsky said: “A wife who says to her husband, ‘it’s getting hot [...]