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Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit Post-Production

Readying a film for theatrical release is a lengthy process that involves completing special and visual effects, editing scenes together, and even creating sequences from scratch—so it’s no surprise that the process often goes down to the wire. With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson and his crew are taking that to the extreme: [...]

Europeana: Europe’s Digital Library with Over 23 Million Objects from 2,200 Institutions in 33 Countries

This is epic. No, it’s more than epic. It’s Europeana, Europe’s digital library which aggregates over 23 million artworks, books, photographs, recordings and films from over 2,200 contributing museums and cultural heritage museums from [...]

Why People Vomit

We don’t mean the triggers — though that could be a fun post — but the actual physical process. What is it about our physiology that occasionally makes our tummy say, “Come on up, Chuck”? Vomiting is an important function. It rids your body of potential toxins or health hazards. In fact, there’s a specific area [...]

ROBBIE, A Scifi Short Made With Footage From NASA

(Vimeo Link) Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey combined original footage and 3D animation with stock footage from the NASA archives to create ROBBIE- a spaced out short film about the robotic beings that help the humans at NASA explore the cosmos. Here’s more on Neil’s process: The film-making process involved downloading about 10 hours of footage from the NASA [...]

Red Sunburn is RNA Damage

Did you get a sunburn this summer? Know this: that redness you got is actually RNA damage to skin cells. Using both human skin cells and a mouse model, Gallo, first author Jamie [...]

Anatomy of CGI: A Scene from “Tangled”

Ever wonder how computer-animated films are made? It’s a laborious process, involving “previsualization” (a form of pseudo-animated storyboarding), “layout” (rough positioning of 3D models), reference modeling (in which an actor moves around as the characters will, as a reference for animators), and various additional passes through the material to arrive at a realistic-looking animated [...]

Plastic Spoon Rose

It may take you some practice to get the roses to look right, but the process looks simple enough. You’ll need seventeen spoons, a lit candle, needle-nose pliers and a glue gun. While it’s hot, melt a safety pin into the back and turn your rose into a pendant. Link -via Craft | Photo: Cut Out [...]

Real Pumpkin String Lights

I’ve never bothered carving mini pumpkins because the process seems so unrewarding compared to carving a regular pumpkin. That being said, I might just change my mind after seeing these adorable string lights created by Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Link Via CraftZine

Where No Cookie Has Gone Before…

Aren’t these cookies adorable? Too pretty to eat! Darla at Bakingdom made these in honor of the 45th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Original Series on September 8, 1966. Along with her tribute to the show, she also posted the process of designing each cookie to look like a crew member, pictures [...]

Bottle Cap Nautilus Sculpture

Virginia art student Ryan Lytle created Nautilus, the awesome 3D sculpture shown above, from bottle caps, lots of wire, some keys, a gas mask lens and other recycled materials. Lytle calls the process of wrapping and weaving wire into art “cathartic” and says the changeable nature of the medium, added to the aging process of [...]