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How to Make Deep Fried Beer Batter Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ornaments

If there’s a problem with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, it’s that they’re too healthy. Zach Wilkins and Jason Medina have solved that problem by deep frying them in a batter made with Christmas-themed Shiner beer. Thread string through them, hang them on your tree, then eat the cakes when it’s time to take it down. Link


Taxidermy is an art, but the problem is that so many non-artists think they can do it. The results are sometimes so funny you can’t believe they are unintentional. See a collection of hilarious attempts at Uproxx. Link

Understanding the Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall problem is a logic puzzle named for the American gameshow host of Let’s Make a Deal. It’s one of my favorite such problems, because it’s an example of math completely contradicting my gut instinct. Even though I know the math says to do one thing, my gut consistently says the [...]

A Rubik’s Cube for the Blind

You can design a Rubik’s Cube with Braille letters to signify colors. Doing so, howevever, presents a problem: But when you turn a braille letter upside down, it becomes a different braille letter. So as the user rotates the cube it becomes impossible to read the colors. Brian Doom solved that problem by giving a cube six [...]

How to Properly Extract a Single Tic Tac

You know the problem: getting Tic Tacs out of their container is devilishly difficult. You either get no candy at all or an avalanche of dozens of Tic Tacs. But fret not. There is a way to get exactly one Tic Tac [...]

Iron Man Purse

Yes, Mr. Stark carries a murse. You got a problem with that? They’re practical and stylish. You can charge a phone with the built-in arc reactor. I just hope that DeviantART member TheGoddess908 doesn’t let them fall into the wrong hands. Link -via Technabob

Mayor Only Parking

Photo: Caitlin Huston/Pharos-Tribune Problem: Mayor Ted Franklin of Logansport, Indiana, got a parking ticket for parking in an area reserved for police cars. Solution: Turn that Police Parking Only spot into a Mayor Parking Only. [...]

The Missing Links: How to Make Your Funeral Really Creepy

It’s Pay Day. No, It’s Lottery Day. An Argentinian mayor combats budget problems by paying only the workers whose names get drawn, lottery-style. What could go wrong? * Would You Like Fries With That Gold Medal? Saul Craviotto, a Spanish Olympian, recently tweeted a picture of the outfit he and his fellow countrymen will be wearing at the Olympics. * There’s [...]

A Mushroom That Eats Plastic

Researchers from Yale University recently discovered a mushroom in the jungles of Ecuador that is most magical indeed, for this little fungus dines on polyurethane, a very common type of plastic. Here’s more on this amazing fungus: The fungi, called “Pestalotiopsis microspore”, is able to survive on eating plastic alone—while without the need for air or light. Students [...]

16-year-old solves Newton maths riddle

Shouryya Ray has become the first person to solve a problem posed by Newton over 300 years ago. The German teenager succeeded in working out the exact…