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Hirotada Ototake

(YouTube link) Sportswriter Hirotada Ototake threw out the ceremonial first pitch at yesterday’s game between Seibu and Rakuten in Japan. Ototake was born without arms or legs, but lives a normal life and works as an advocate for the disabled in his spare time. The speech he gives before the pitch is a dedication to the [...]

The Social Networking Marathon Runner

Joseph Tame will run the Tokyo Marathon while wearing an extensive set of gear that will enable him to publish constant updates on the web. He calls this getup the iRun. The iRun features four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, and Android handset, three mobile Wi Fi routers, a four-in-one atmospheric monitor and a heart [...]

Birthday Cakes For Dogs

Lovina, a bakery in Tokyo, will make a birthday cake for your dog. Not just a dog cake, but a cake that looks like your dog! See more pictures of birthday dogs and their custom-made cakes at Japan Probe. Link

Dog Castle

This is one fancy doghouse! You’ll find it in Hamamatsu, Japan. It’s a 2.5-meter-high replica of Matsumoto Castle. The dog’s owner spent 6 months and 50,000 yen to build it. It contains one main room, plus a rear room in which the dog can hide during thunder storms. There is also a separate room with a [...]