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Scientists face jail over prediction failure

Six Italian scientists face up to six years in prison because they failed to predict an earthquake. The seismologists were part of the National Commis…

Judge Wed then Sentenced Groom to Prison

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Larry Allen Austin spent his in prison. He was sent there after pleading guilty to a firearm charge, and the judge who sentenced him was the same man who married them! Austin, 29, of Oklahoma [...]

Jail’s Gardening Scheme Backfires when Prisoners Grow Pot

A jail in western France allowed prisoners to maintain a garden to grow their own food. Alas, the prisoners decided to diversify their crops: The plants, which had reached a height of around 80cm (two and a half feet) before being spotted at the weekend, were found in vegetable patches located in the exercise courtyard of [...]

The Missing Links: Flags Left on the Lunar Surface

For Those That Like Reading on the Beach… And cannot possibly fathom the thought of your swimwear and book not matching perfectly. (Via Kottke) * Look At the Stupid Life You Could Be Leading TV ads try to show you the life you could be leading if you used their product. The only downside is that life is sometimes [...]

Dentist plucks out her boyfriend’s teeth

One dentist was so angry with her ex-boyfriend after being dumped that she surgically removed his teeth. Anna Mackowiak may be facing a prison sentenc…

Police to Drug Dealers: Hey, Stop That!

The police watched a drug deal in Newport News, Virginia, and built strong evidence against the drug dealers … then did something unusual: instead of arresting and prosecuring the criminals, the police invited them [...]

Psychic jailed for stealing $300,000

Nancy Marks was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing large sums of money from her clients. Marks had tricked clients in to handing over thei…

Charles Bronson Lookalike Not Allowed To Visit Notorious Prisoner

Steve Swatton has been campaigning for years for the release of a “notorious” prison inmate Charles Bronson. Now that he would like to visit the bank robber Swatton is being prohibited by prison officials who may believe that he would swap places with the prison inmate. Which begs the questions: A. Why would Swatton want [...]

The Bernie Madoff Collection

Bernie Madoff is serving time in a federal prison for running the largest Ponzi scheme ever. The U.S. Marshals Service held an auction of Madoff’s possessions to recoup some of the losses. Frederick James designs bought some of Madoff’s clothing, which they have made into iPad cases. You could probably make one out of your [...]

Do You Prefer Flogging or Prison?

Back in 1994, an American teenager named Michael P. Fay was caned in Singapore for theft and vandalism. That incident sparked an outcry here in the United States, as many people found it barbaric (to be fair, the reaction was far from uniform – a lot of Americans actually favored it). Fast forward to today. Peter [...]