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Archaeologists Discovered Gladiator School Underneath Vienna

Archaeologists in Austria have discovered the remains of an unusual school under the grounds of Vienna: a school for Roman gladiators, where slaves and prisoners were taught to fight to the death. One of the [...]

The Fake Army

It was a profitable but outrageous scheme, set forth in a trial going on now. Prosecutors are charging that David Deng recruited Chinese immigrants to join the “U.S. Army/Military Special Forces Reserve” to help their chances of obtaining U.S. citizenship, and that he charged hundred of dollars from his “soldiers.” The U.S. military has no [...]

The Craziest Cult Leaders You’ve Never Heard Of

Everybody knows who Manson, Koresh, and Jones are.  These are a few cult leaders that didn’t reach the same level in the media.  But their behavior and actions were equally disturbing. Pictured is Wayne Bent (or Michael Travesser), who founded the Lord of our Righteousness Church. Wayne, now calling himself Michael Travesser, decided that October 31, [...]