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Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip

With a 3D printer, Joaquin Baldwin was able to make a Möbius strip showing the first level of Super Mario Bros. It doesn’t matter which castle the Princess is in. Mario will be trapped in an unending hell, forever moving forward but getting nowhere. Link -via Nerdcore

Nano 3D Printer

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology may call this nano 3D printer a "two-photon litography," but I think the better term is "sorcery." Here’s how the high-precision-3D-printer, which can create objects with nano-scale [...]

Contest: Name Our New Printer!

Today a nice gentleman dropped off this spiffy new printer/copier. What it needs is a name. Leave a comment with a name suggestion and we’ll pick our favorite on Thursday. This name will be fastened (with tape, probably) to the printer in perpetuity, and will be used in conversation. (“Did you print out the list [...]

3D Printed TARDIS Cookies Look Tasty & Fun

These delightful cookies are even geekier than you might think…they were created using a 3D printer to create the cookie cutter. Now all they need is some nice blue frosting. Link Via BoingBoing

Engineers pioneer 3D printer for bones

The new printer produces a bone-like material that will aid in the repairing of serious injuries. The ‘bones’ created using the device won’t be able t…

Hackers Can Turn Laser Printers Into Bombs

Columbia researcher Ang Cui explains how he was able to infect an HP printer with malicious code. Image: Columbia University There’s a ticking time bomb in your office. No, really – researchers from Columbia [...]

Minecraft Meets 3D Printing

Members of the MIT Media Lab have created a python script called Minecraft.print() which will allow players of Minecraft with access to a 3D printer the opportunity to print out their creations. And while the odds of an average person having access to a 3D printer are slim, this script is a step in the [...]

A Printer That Prints Skin

It feels more and more as time goes on that we are living in a science-fiction film. Sure, it doesn’t take much to dazzle me. After all, I’m still amazed by Dippin’ Dots and robot vacuum cleaners. But there are even more amazing things going on these days – some of which even help people. Try [...]

"Skin Printer" Generates Skin to Cover Injuries

Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are developing a printer that they hope can create skin to help injured soldiers immediately after they’re hurt: The system, which lays down cells with the same fluid-based inkjet technology used in many printers, could print large swathes of living tissue directly onto the injuries of soldiers [...]

A Printer That Creates Distinct Smells

Researchers in Japan are developing an ink-jet printer that can embed paper with particular smells: In the most common type of ink-jet, a pulse of current heats a coil of wire, creating bubbles that force a small volume of ink down a tube and onto the page at high speed. The Keio team use the same [...]