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Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip

With a 3D printer, Joaquin Baldwin was able to make a Möbius strip showing the first level of Super Mario Bros. It doesn’t matter which castle the Princess is in. Mario will be trapped in an unending hell, forever moving forward but getting nowhere. Link -via Nerdcore

The Third Mario Brother

Mario and Luigi might have all the glorious adventure saving the princess and all, but someone has to keep the plumbing business afloat. That job sadly fell on the third Mario Brother, Guiseppe. Geeks Are Sexy [...]

Mario And Princess Peach Aren’t Looking So Good These Days

Artist Amanda Dockery shows us what Mario and Princess Peach would look like if they were preparing to guest star on the TV show The Walking Dead. Now, instead of clearing drains, Mario will be clogging them up with piles of his own rotting flesh, and yet Princess Peach is still the rotten apple of his [...]

Princess Platter

Princess Platter – $19.95 Are you looking for the perfect dish set for your precious little princess? You need the Princess Platter from the NeatoShop. This fantastic princess castle set includes: Plate Bowl Cup and Lid Fork and Spoon Mealtime just got a whole lot more regal. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Mealtime Fun! Link    

Lumpy Space Princess Baby Costume

Lumpy Space Princess is, like, this character on the TV show Adventure Time or whatever. Kimmy Bruehl had the right idea by dressing up her daughter Suzanne as the little bundle of soft, floating, sarcastic lumpiness. Link -via The Uniblog

Halloween Dilemma: Should Parents Let Boy Dress as a Princess?

If a girl wants to dress like a boy this Halloween, that seems like a good lesson in busting gender stereotypes learned. But what if your boy wants to dress up as a princess? That’s [...]

Portal-Themed Bedroom

Kids today no longer have to make do with princess or cowboy-themed bedrooms. At least not these kids – check out this Portal-themed room over at Unreality Magazine: Link – Thanks Nat Berman!

Other Single Princes

Now that Prince William is getting hitched, who will young girls dream about? Buzzfeed rounded up eleven young princes from all over who have yet to sweep a princess off her feet and take her to live happily ever after. If I were thirty years younger… Pictured is Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. Sweden is [...]

Hamster-Powered Walker

(Video Link) Blogger Crabfu really likes Theo Jansen’s enormous kinetic sculptures and toyed around with small models of it powered by different energy sources. It occurred to him that with the right gearing, a hamster exercise sphere could provide locomotion for it. And he was right! Princess is a tiny little thing, much smaller than what I [...]

The Princess Industrial Complex

Having written about girls’ adolescence, journalist Peggy Orenstein is quite the expert in parenting of young girls. Her attempt in raising her daughter free of the girlie-girl stereotype, however, was nuked when – in what seems like an overnight transition – her 3-year-old daughter became enamored with being a princess. And so began Peggy’s journey in [...]