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Princess Leia Cupcakes

This is my last Star Wars post today, I promise. But just look at how cute this Princess Leia cupcake is. Best of all, it’s super easy to make with just a little black frosting, a few Oreos and pink sprinkles. Link via Geeks Are Sexy

Ladies, Don’t Be Just Another Slave Girl

(Video Link) Just in time for Comic Con, this PSA reminds ladies that there are more sexy female cosplay costumes besides the classic princess Leia salve outfit. We’ll soon see if this has any impact on the female cosplayers visiting the convention this year, but honestly, there is always a ton of variety at the [...]

Princess Leia/Vespa Headphones

Whether they remind you of Princess Leia’s hair buns or Princess Vespa’s headphones (Spaceballs), redditor Jacquielonglegs did a great job with this craft project. She wonders if she should sell the set. Would you buy them? Link via Fashionably Geek

Star Wars Parody of Rebecca Black’s "Friday"

(Video Link) Last year, Teddie Films produced an excellent Star Wars parody of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” which got a lot of attention on the Internet. That crew is back, now lampooning Rebecca Black’s song “Friday“. “Prime Day” is narrated by Princess Leia, and she’s taking the rebellion a little less seriously. Here’s a selection from the [...]

3D Fog Holograph

Remember the holographic projection of Princess Leia in Star Wars? Well, that may be coming to reality soon, thanks to … fog: Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have made a 3D and 360-degree display that projects from a variety of different angles onto a cylindrical fog display. This combination of multiple-point of view projectors and [...]

Princess Leia Star Wars Pop! Bobblehead

Princess Leia Star Wars Pop! Bobblehead – $9.95 Attention Star Wars Fans! Check out the Princess Leia Star Wars Pop! Bobblehead from the NeatoShop! Yes, we finally have a Princess Leia item! Isn’t she cute! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Star Wars fun!

Armored Cat

Your cat doesn’t have a helmet? Why not? deviantART user Diarment made one for his cat Hugo. It’s reminiscent of Princess Leia’s slave girl costume, if Leia had been a cat. Link via Super Punch

The Quick 10: Our 10 Favorite Mr. Potato Heads

You have to love when a company has a sense of humor about its products… and when your product is Mr. Potato Head, how can you not? In recent years, Hasbro has been coming up with funny nicknames for some of the special edition Potato Heads. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Optimash Prime. There’s [...]

Jabba the Hutt Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch

I’m at a loss to explain precisely why, but somehow this cross stitch featuring Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia as his slave, and the Serenity Prayer makes perfect sense. It was made by Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick. Their website is filled with similar cross stitch samplers inspired by pop culture. Link and Etsy Store via Urlesque

In The Beginning: Star Wars

A long time ago, in a state far out west, George Lucas created Star Wars. Striking Back One of our favorite Star Wars fan sites (and yes, we have favorites) has this to say about the origins of the trilogy: “A critic might say, ‘Oh, Lucas combined Flash Gordon with Akira Kurosawa … and sewed it all [...]