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The Jackson Family Feud

Katherine Jackson’s nine children have lived their whole lives in the public eye. Michael Jackson tried to shield his three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, from publicity, but two of them are teenagers now and have discovered the power of social media. In the past week, Katherine Jackson was gone for several days under mysterious [...]

10 Weird Fairy Tale Plot Pieces That Are Usually Left Out

You’ve all seen the Disney versions of these classic fairy tales, but the company took a few liberties with the stories so they wouldn’t be so gruesome. For example, in Cinderella: We all know that Cinderella’s nasty relations try to hoodwink the prince by cramming their feet into the glass slipper. What you may not remember [...]

Pixelated Prince Of Persia In The Real World

(YouTube Link) The Prince of Persia may have been all slick and nimble in the classic video game, but when he tries to make the transition into real life he finds that the world isn’t a very pixel friendly place. Man, I need to get my own Keyboard guy! –via Obvious Winner

Prince Charles: "mankind is endangered"

The Prince of Wales has stated that mankind is facing a “sixth great extinction event”. Speaking as president of the British wildlife charity WWF-UK, …

Snow White Teapot

How cute is this? The Snow White Teapot ($41.95) from the NeatoShop is perfect for a cup of tea while waiting for your Prince Charming to come and sweep you off your feet. Link | More fun and unusual Kitchen Stuff

The Dreadnought Hoax

One hundred years ago today, the Prince of Abyssinia visited the British Navy battleship H.M.S. Dreadnought. The prince and his retinue took a tour of the vessel and were accorded diplomatic honors as fitting for visiting royalty. The guests spoke a language the sailors did not understand, but they figured “Bunga Bunga” was a polite [...]

Magic Frog to Prince Toy

Magic Frog to Prince – $3.95 Here’s a kitschy gift idea for Valentine’s Day: a frog in a cup that magically transforms into a prince after you add a little bit of water! Link Or, if you want to give the guy in your life a gift he’ll never forget, give ‘em this: the Arrogant Bastard and Double [...]