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The Wizard of Oz Dress Sold at Auction for $480,000

If you’d love to get your hands on Judy Garland’s blue and white gingham dress from The Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like an auction house: the iconic [...]

Prince Charles, Weatherman

And he ain’t bad, either (at least he’s not invisible!): Against a backdrop of the BBC’s weather map, Prince Charles delivered a specially written script which included references to royal residences [...]

Watch Princess Diana Meet Ludo From The Labyrinth

(Video Link) December 1, 1986 was a big day for Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It was the day they meant a real-life monster at the Labyrinth Royal Premiere. While film goers soon learned just how sweet Ludo was, keep in mind, this meet up occurred before the royals saw the film -for all they knew, [...]

Prince Charles, The One Who Makes Cows Cry

How handsome is Charles, Prince of Wales? So handsome he makes cows cry. No, really. That’s Prince Charles’ new name, as bestowed upon him by the Maasai warriors of Africa: Charles’s new name in the tribe’s language is Helper of Cows, which [...]

Sneak Peek #6: Stephen Hawking’s Drive-bys

Our Jan/Feb issue hits newsstands tomorrow (ish), so we’re giving you another reason to go out and pick up a copy! One of the things I love is when you hear stories that make heroes a little more human. The new issue’s got a little feature on nerdy celebs with anger management problems. Here’s the [...]

10 Bizarre Divorce Settlements

Divorce is almost always a messy business, but certain settlements between former beloveds end up being downright absurd. Forget child custody, what happens when a couple has shared possession of a goat? Have a look at 10 examples of offbeat divorce settlements. 1. Now That’s a Breakup Record Marvin Gaye was a tremendous singer, but he [...]

The Late Movies: Full Length Animated Films

Today is International Animation Day, and YouTube is featuring some great animated films available on their site. My favorite is “Sita Sings the Blues,” which is excellent, and has an amazing story behind it — basically, the movie includes some old songs which ran into copyright troubles getting clearance for the songs (and the songs [...]