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These Little Devils Sure Are Angels

(Video Link) If they stayed this cute their whole lives, their prey wouldn’t even bother running away. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Cat Surfs away from Dog

(Video Link)  The dog thought that he had his prey trapped. But Action Cat is not so easily defeated. Watch our hero ride a surfboard to safety. -via Blame It on the Voices

Waltzing Cat

(YouTube link) This cat has a unique method of climbing up the stairs. Soon you see that it probably has something to do with the “prey” it has caught. -via Buzzfeed

The Fish That Eats Itself to Death

The black swallower might not be the best known undersea creature, but it might be one of the most abhorrent. That’s because scientists have only ever seen them after they are dead—often after they have attempted to eat a fish so large that its meal eventually killed it through indigestion. While scientists have never actually seen [...]

Snails Can Survive Being Digested

You probably know that snails often fall prey to hungry birds, but you might not know that the slithering insect crawling across your driveway might have already been eaten by a bird—and survived. New research shows that around 15% of snails make it through the bird’s digestive system alive. One snail in the study even made [...]

Fox Shoots Hunter

A hunter in Belarus saw the tables turn when he shot a fox and attempted to finish it off with the butt of his gun. The fox put up a ferocious struggle and somehow managed to pull the trigger with its paw, shooting the hunter in the leg. In the melee that ensued the fox [...]

Foxes Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Hunt

Foxes often jump high into the air in order to pounce on prey from above. They have an unusual ability to not only judge the correct direction of attack, but the proper distance to leap in a parabolic arc. How do they do it? Hynek Burda of the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany speculates that [...]

Practice Makes Perfect

(YouTube link) A young owl practices pouncing on imaginary prey. Or else he just wants to show off how cute he is! -via Arbroath

Beautiful and Deadly Carnivorous Plants

Photo: Olga Sytina They’re beautiful yet deadly … if you’re insects, that is. Dark Roasted Blend has a nice gallery (as always) of some of nature’s most gorgeous carnivorous plants. This one above is the sundew: Another device carnivorous plants use is to make its prey stick around long enough to be digested. The sundew, for instance, [...]

When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

“QUANTUM SHOT” #601Link National Geographic announced the discovery of five ancient crocs, including one with teeth like boar tusks and another with a snout like a duck’s bill. This discovery was made by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Paul Sereno and recently featured on the National Geographic Channel as part of the “Expedition Week” series – click here for [...]