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The Teenager Who Flew into Red Square

Do you remember Mathias Rust? Hard to believe, but it’s been 25 years since the 19-year-old pilot flew from his home in West Germany and landed in the center of Moscow, breaking through every Soviet defense. Once the police had recovered from the shock of finding an unauthorised aircraft parked at the gates of the Kremlin, [...]

Google Type

Google has a font generator that looks up each of your letters in its image search and produces them from the results for your words. Not only that, but your results will change every time you do it! Link -via the Presurfer

Zoomorphic Buildings

A zoomorphic building is one shaped like an animal. The list of ten such buildings at Pets Lady has a dog, a sheep, a rabbit, two elephants, and five cats! That’s understandable, because who could resist a building shaped like a cat? Those include a veterinary hospital, a train station, hotel cabins, and the Dee [...]

Live and Let Die Crocodile Jump

(YouTube link) In the 1973 film Live and Let Die, James Bond crosses a creek by jumping on the backs of series of crocodiles. Stunt man Ross Kananga, who suggested the stunt in the first place, did five takes to get the scene just right. The crocodiles came awfully close, once even tearing his pants leg. [...]


In the game Furiosity, the object is apparently to click and turn all the blocks into a different color for each level. It only begins to get difficult about level four, and then it gets very difficult for further levels. Good luck! Link -via the Presurfer


(vimeo link) You’re not the only one who feels this way about Mondays. Get your mind off the couch! This short is from the creative minds at The Magnificent Itch. -via the Presurfer

Dramatic Kitty

Such a drama queen. A cute, cuddly, funny noise making- drama queen. Great. I have now stumbled onto the cat videos part of the internet, and I wanted to get work done today! -Via The Presurfer

11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes

One of my favorite episodes of Futurama includes Lela trying to destroy the evil Robot Santa Claus by feeding him a logical paradox. While Robot Santa survives thanks to his “paradox-absorbing crumple zones” I still enjoyed the paradox. If you enjoy paradoxes as well, check out this super fascinating list of 11 Brain-Twisting Paradoxes.  Some of the [...]

How to Pronounce Huygens

(YouTube link) Or, conversely, how to tell if the person you are speaking with is Dutch. Dutch physicist and mathematician Christiaan Huygens contributed a lot to the science of physics, including the idea that light travels in waves. That was over 300 years ago. MIT physics professor Walter Lewin is Dutch, so he can pronounce Huygens [...]

The Green Ruby Pumpkin

(vimeo link) The Green Ruby Pumpkin is a delightful (but still scary) Halloween tale told in rhyme. The short film was produced by visual effects artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. You can see a making-of video as well. -via the Presurfer