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The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written

Press releases are one of the necessary evils of the information business. There are way too many, and they all start to look the same after you’ve gone through a dozen or so, but they do convey information -sometimes important information. On the other hand, Mitch Delaplane of PitchPoint Public Relations sent out a press [...]

The Most Amazing (And Self-Aware) Press Release Ever Written

On any given day corporations, PR firms and marketing personnel disperse thousands of press releases out into the world – touting new products, upcoming events and nearly any other conceivable news nugget you can imagine. Looking to crow just for the sake of it, PR professional Mitch Delaplane struck a bit of self-promotional gold this week [...]

Mice Prefer Treats They Worked Harder to Get

In an article in The Proceedings of the Royal Society, two researchers described how mice in an experiment tended to get greater enjoyment out of rewards that were more labor-intensive: Mice were trained to push levers to get either of two rewards. Press one lever, out comes a drop of sugar water. Press the other [...]

Classic Door Prank

It always bugs me when I see someone press on the glass portion of a door to open it (this is probably due to years in a job that required my cleaning such doors), so this footage from sometime in the 20th century is like justice. via YepYep YouTube Link

Hulk Hogan got face smashed at a press

Hulk Hogan got his face smashed at a press conference HULK Hogan wore a white bandana on his forehead at a Roosters rugby league team press conference this afternoon after being viciously mauled by ring rival Ric Flair hours earlier when a promotional media call at Star City flew out of control. Earlier today at the Star [...]

Iran shot down ‘unknown objects’ over Gulf

A report from the Press TV network has reported that Iran has allegedly shot down “Unidentified shining objects” over the Gulf. No wreckage has ye…

America’s Jiminy Crickett: The Ted Turner Story

After my previous post mentioned Ted Turner’s promotional antics as owner of the Atlanta Braves, a reader suggested I write more about the man who became known as “The Mouth of the South.” In three decades of sports writing, I’ve never come across anyone quite so outrageous. So you don’t have to twist my arm. Moscow, [...]