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The Missing Links: The Election As A Graphic Novel

Susan B. Anthony Voted 140 Years and 1 Day Ago And after she did so, she was arrested. Go vote. * Second Place Is First Loser How do you get over losing a Presidential election? Walter Moldale, Michael Dukakis and Bob Dole offer their personal experiences on shaking off the defeat. * The 2012 Presidential [...]

200 Years of Election Art

A new book, Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years of Election Art has 100 U.S. political posters that are suitable for framing, going back, well, 200 years. See a sampling of 18 of the posters at Brain Pickings. Shown here is an 1856 poster for Republican presidential candidate James Fremont. Link -via Nag on the [...]

Quiz: Presidential $1 Coin Portraits

The White House announced yesterday that they’re curtailing the Presidential $1 coin series, which means you won’t see that flood of Chester A. Arthur coins you were hoping for. (The U.S. Mint will continue producing $1 coins for collectors, though.) So, when we Photoshop out the names and years in office, how well do you [...]

Gallery of Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Presidential Inaugurations, the release of teenage vampire movies and the unfortunate existence of Justin Beiber; each of these events produce a plethora of ridiculous memorabilia. However none has seen such a wide variety of weird trinkets, knickknacks and custom products than the Royal Wedding of Kate and William. My favorite is the Royal Wedding beer! For [...]

World’s Most Stunning Presidential Palaces

Presidential palaces are usually one of a city’s most impressive aesthetic highlights for both citizens and tourists alike. In cases like Buenos Aires’ Casa Rosada, they served as the backdrop for some of their country’s most memorable historic events, whereas others, such as the Golden Jubilee House in Accra, Ghana, were inaugurated a mere two [...]

Time for Another Photo Challenge

Last month, our readers marched into the online archives of Presidential libraries and marched out with the best photos. We awarded a few t-shirts for the most enjoyable submissions. We should do that again! So, anybody have a good suggestion for a topic? The Presidential library hunt worked well because there were multiple places with thousands of [...]

Bonus Quiz: Name the Presidential Runners-Up (1900-Present)

Editor’s Note: Baseball expert/food critic/bookworm Keith Law of ESPN is back with another week of quizzes. Make him feel welcome! One of the more popular mental_floss quizzes (#3!) asks you to name all the Presidents of the United States. But what about the runners-up? Can you name all 25 men who finished second in U.S. [...]