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4 Winning Moments in Gym Class History

There’s more to gym class than towel snapping and poorly played games of volleyball. Not much more, but certainly enough for 4 really great stories! (Image credit: Flickr user The Library of Congress) 1. STRETCHING TO THE (VERY) OLDIES While Harriet Beecher Stowe was busy writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin, her sister Catherine Beecher was busy blazing a different [...]

The Silliest Chase of All Time

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. The Silliest Chase of All Time You know we here at DRB love a good chase in a movie, but this… this… is as atrocious as it’s royally silly. It’s also captivating in a weird way and has to be seen to be believed – taken from “Alluda Majaka” (1995), [...]

The Late Movies: Clips That Made Me Smile

If you had a rough day and need a smile, tonight’s Late Movies are for you. (Though if you had a great day and want to keep those good feelings going, you’ll enjoy them, too.) We’ve featured some of these on the blog before, but now they’re all in one place. My wife sent me this [...]