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Stop Working and Love Me!

(YouTube link) Cats are very good with body language. And they operate on the premise that it’s always fine to ask for, or rather demand, what you want. -via Buzzfeed

What if SETI found evidence of alien life ?

How would the world react if SETI found evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe ? Founded in 1984 and based on a premise first realised…

When Sidewalk Art Turns Deadly – Chalk Warfare

(YouTube Link) The makers of this fun vid took the expression “draw your weapons” and turned it into the premise for a short in which combatants must sketch their own arms out of chalk. I really like the fact that they went out of their way to make the chalk weapons look super flat, and the ‘splosions [...]

Super Grover Tattoo

Certainly a good premise for a tattoo is an inspirational, heroic figure. Super Grover from Sesame Street will do the trick. This particular tattoo was made by Cecil Porter of Murrieta, California. Link (main site is NSFW at times) | Cecil Porter’s Website