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Pregnant with Krang

Yeah, this is pretty much what pregnancy is like. There’s a little diabolical tyrant inside you. Or so I’ve heard. Artist Eli Nick just made it more obvious. Link -via Geekologie

Men with Pregnancy Symptoms

Was the sailor who gained so much belly weight that he couldn’t fasten his pants crazy, or just a victim of a psychosomatic disorder? When men complain of the symptoms of pregnancy, it is often called “phantom pregnancy” and considered to be a mental illness. But it’s more common than you think. As many as 65 [...]

Happy Breakfast

Shirley Sirivong was put on bed rest during her pregnancy and has to follow a strict diet for gestational diabetes. Her husband Gat took special care to liven up her dull breakfasts first by creating funny faces, and then more elaborate scenes with her food. This breakfast depicts the iPhone game Angry Birds. See 19 [...]

Hares Can Get Pregnant while Pregnant

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek intellectual Aristotle suspected that the European brown hare could get pregnant while already pregnant. Now scientists in Germany have concluded that he was right: The researchers used selective breeding and high-resolution ultrasonography to demonstrate that a male hare can fertilize a female during late pregnancy. The resulting embryos will [...]