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Flight Of The Homo Digitalis

In a strange alternate universe where sock puppets have replaced people, and their ancestors are naked hands, being the ultimate predator means having the strongest grip. DeviantARTist postapocalypsia sculpted this far out piece as a tribute to the “hand made and hands on aspects of our society.” Seems like a handy little fellow to have around! Link

Do Spiders Need All Eight Legs?

Why do spiders have so many legs (besides giving us the creeps)? Alain Pasquet and colleagues noticed that more than 1 in 10 spiders caught in the wild are missing one of their eight legs, so they decided to see whether spiders with fewer limbs suffer any disadvantage when it comes to spinning webs: Based on [...]

Life-Size Aliens Vs. Predator Metal Sculptures

These heavy metal sculptures of a Predator, complete with Alien head on his staff, and Alien xenomorph ready to strike were spotted in Vladivostok, Russia, hinting at a decidedly metallic battle which is about to commence. Each statue measures over six feet tall, and weighs an impressively svelte 80 pounds, and can be yours for the [...]

Alien vs. Predator Wedding Cake

Eventually, the Alien and the Predator patched up their differences. Really, all that fighting was just awkward sexual tension. Then they met for coffee. Then they went on a date. You can figure out the rest. Tracey of the Little Cherry and Black Cherry Cake Company made this adorable wedding cake for them. Link | Bakery Website

‘Beast of Bont’ returns, 20 sheep killed

A mystery predator has been blamed for the deaths of livestock near the Cambrain Mountains in Wales. The mutilated remains of several sheep were found…

Will animals evolve human defenses ?

The most dangerous predator to ever walk the planet is mankind – but what can animals do in defense ? Throughout history predators and prey have been …

Alien vs. Predator Chess Set

Ah, Alien vs. Predator! Perhaps the greatest of all date movies. deviantART member Joker-laugh has captured the essence of that film with this custom chess set. Link -via I Heart Choas

The Most Badass Predator Sculpture Ever Made

What could possibly make the Predator alien more badass than he’s already proven himself to be? Make a full-sized likeness of him out of metal! Standing 8 feet 2 inches tall and weighing over 11 hundred pounds, Steampunk Predator is custom made from various parts, automotive and otherwise, and recycled metal. Check out more from Kreatworks [...]

10 Reasons Bear Week Would Be Better

Shark Week is cool, but I’ve always thought that having a yearly shark week seemed a little silly -after all, how much more are you really going to learn from one year to the next? College Humor has 10 reasons why having Bear Week would be much better than Shark Week. I can’t help but agree [...]

CT scan reveals prehistoric pliosaur

Scientists are using a powerful CT scanner to unravel the secrets of the prehistoic ocean predator. The 2.4m skull was discovered on the UK’s Jurassic…